Supreme Corteiz Drop Time

Supreme Corteiz Drop Time

Earlier this month, the streets of West London were abuzz with whispers of a potential blockbuster collaboration as a billboard featuring a reimagined Corteiz’s Alcatraz-inspired logo in Supreme’s iconic red color scheme appeared. This sparked intense speculation among fashion enthusiasts and streetwear connoisseurs alike. Today, the rumors are confirmed: the Supreme x Corteiz partnership is real, and it’s spectacular.

This collaboration unites Supreme, a titan of global streetwear from New York, with Corteiz, a rapidly rising British label known for its bold and edgy designs. The collection, as revealed on Instagram, includes oversized hoodies and T-shirts, all adorned with a co-branded motif that first appeared on the mysterious billboard. This exciting range is steeped in cultural and literary references, featuring John Donne’s poignant verse ‘No Man Is an Island’ across the back, alongside Supreme’s emblematic box logo—a symbol of street fashion’s elite.

Despite its relative youth, having been founded just six years ago by the British-Nigerian entrepreneur Clint, also known as Clint419, Corteiz has swiftly garnered a massive following. This collaboration, while unexpected to some, aligns perfectly with Corteiz’s history of bold moves and unexpected partnerships.

Corteiz x Supreme Collection

In March, the Corteiz logo was projected onto Nike’s Oxford Street flagship—an act many interpreted as a playful jab given the brands’ past conflicts. However, this was soon revealed as a prelude to another high-profile collaboration: the Corteiz x Nike Air Max 95, one of 2023’s most celebrated sneaker releases.

Set to officially launch on December 21 at a yet-to-be-disclosed location in London, the Supreme x Corteiz collection promises exclusivity and high demand. Following the physical drop, the collection will be available on Supreme’s webstore. True to streetwear’s ‘first come, first serve’ culture, purchases will be limited to one of each item per person. Given the buzz and the brands’ track records, it’s likely this inaugural collaboration may just be the beginning of more joint ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Supreme Corteiz Drop Time

Who owns Corteiz clothing UK?

Corteiz clothing is owned by British-Nigerian entrepreneur Clint, who is also known affectionately by his moniker, Clint419. He founded the brand, which has quickly risen to prominence in the streetwear community.

What is the story of Corteiz?

Corteiz was established with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to challenge the norms of fashion and assert a unique, bold identity. The brand is known for its guerrilla marketing tactics and limited edition drops, which have contributed to its cult status among streetwear enthusiasts.

What is on the Corteiz logo?

The Corteiz logo features the text “CRTZ” in a distinctive stylized font, often accompanied by the tagline “Alcatraz Social Club.” This logo is a nod to the brand’s edgy and rebellious ethos.

What does the CRTZ logo mean?

CRTZ stands for Corteiz, and it represents the brand’s commitment to breaking free from fashion industry conventions. The “Alcatraz Social Club” tagline draws an analogy between the notorious prison and the brand’s philosophy of standing out from the crowd.

How do You Pronounce Corteiz?

Corteiz is pronounced as “Cor-tez.” The brand’s name often causes confusion due to its unique spelling and pronunciation.

What does the Undefeated logo Mean?

The undefeated logo, which is not directly related to Corteiz but often seen in streetwear, symbolizes triumph and resilience. It typically represents overcoming challenges and remaining undefeated in the face of adversity.


The upcoming Supreme Corteiz collaboration marks a significant milestone in streetwear, showcasing the prowess of merging distinct brand philosophies. With both Supreme and Corteiz commanding massive followings and respect in their respective domains, this collaboration not only excites but promises to redefine standards within the fashion industry. The blend of Supreme’s New York Street culture with Corteiz’s London-based audacity creates a narrative of transatlantic unity and innovation in design.

As the release date approaches, the anticipation among fashion aficionados and streetwear collectors is palpable. The “first come, first serve” basis of the drop ensures that the items will be highly coveted, and likely to sell out instantly. This collaboration not only offers unique apparel but also celebrates the cultural synergy between two iconic brands, making it a landmark event in 2024’s fashion calendar.


About Clint419

Born in London in 1985 to Nigerian parents, Clint is the creative force behind Corteiz. He started his fashion journey in London, UK, blending British and Nigerian influences. Corteiz, founded by Clint back in 2017, offers global fashion enthusiasts street-savvy styles. Clint's mission is to shape the future of streetwear, celebrating individuality and blending cultures. Join us at Corteiz Clothings and be part of the fashion revolution.

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