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Welcome to Corteiz Clothing!

About us

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Welcome to Corteiz Clothing – where streetwear meets a story of passion and creativity.

Founded in 2017 by Clint, a British-Nigerian university student, Corteiz Clothing began its journey in the heart of West London. Clint's vision was not just to create a clothing line but to build a brand that resonates with a sense of community, rebellion, and cutting-edge style.

From its humble beginnings in a university bedroom, Corteiz has rapidly evolved into a renowned streetwear brand, celebrated for its unique designs and high-quality apparel. Our collections, including the iconic Corteiz joggers, shorts, and t-shirts, are a testament to our commitment to blending style with comfort.

At Corteiz, we believe in more than just fashion; we're about creating a movement that embraces counter-culture and a tight-knit community spirit. Our brand is a platform for self-expression, drawing inspiration from the diverse streets of London and beyond.

Join us as we continue our journey, pushing the boundaries of street fashion and fostering a space where style is an extension of one's individuality.